The following was recently posted on the Rebel DX Group’s Facebook page

Things are going slow during the pandemic, but we are going forward with our plans. After visiting South Africa 2 months ago, we can confirm that all equipment is ready for this year 2021 (November-December) Bouvet operation part 2. We really hope this time wild oceans will cooperate with us.

In the meantime we are finally going back to our Rebel vessel located in Fiji. Plans are to go back to Conway Reef for 3 weeks, Rotuma for 3 to 4 weeks and some very rare IOTAs around 3D2 zone. We will be testing some our new ideas to operate 5 different stations on FT8 (FOX & HUND) at the same time by 1 operator. (NO ROBOTS INVOLVED!!!!) This will be video recorded. Some stationary tests were very promising. This (HATE OR LOVE) mode will definitely help some small pistols to get rare DXCCs in the log.

Just to remind you, our last trip to Conway (operated by 2 ops. Tack JE1CKA and Dom 3Z9DX) did 33828 QSO’s in less than 8 days. That is a world record for QSO/DAY/Operator (2017 QSOs a day/operator). It means we are going to work DX not for party.

And now some very important words from the REBELS..

“Sincere thanks to my OH friends; OH0XX, OH1MA and our Rebel Ambasador OH2BH, who promptly responded to my urgent need of amplifiers and released three (3) pcs of Juma 1000 light-weight amplifiers.”

We had a plan to swap our amplifiers from heavy to light weight type. We got them in less than 3 days from Finland. Thank you again guys. Rebel Dx Team.