Hey DXers & SWLs!

UPDATE: After my appeal below for additional QSL scans, now there’s plenty more arrived in the inbox. Keep them coming!

DX-World QSL of the Day” has proved to be very popular. However, the current batch of cards provided by readers is running out and we need more! 

All you have to do is send a QSL scan of a card that resonates with you. It might be your favourite card, a rare QSL or something you think would look good in the QSL of the Day box. The card image is updated every day at 09:00Z with your name and callsign credited.

Get in touch


Col MM0NDX @ DX-World.

PS: On Facebook there’s a record of all QSLs of the Day so far in album format.

PPS: There’s also a record of IOTA of the Day too !