Well known DXpeditioner and world traveller, Dima Zhikarev, RA9USU was recently detained in an illegal jail in the “free-zone” of Cairo International airport.

Dima explains to DX-World that at least 30 people were kidnapped without reason, including him, while waiting in transit for connecting flights.

Once detained they were offered no water and received only 100g of bread every 24 hours. No explanations were given, no phonecalls permitted, no Consular help allowed.

Dima explained he refused to eat and threatened to cut his veins with a soda can if he did not see his Consul. Basically, he became “trouble” to the kidnappers and they kicked him out. The others, as far as Dima is aware, are still being held and every few hours another person is “delivered”.

Those kidnapped were Swedish, French, Uzbekistan, German, Syrian, Egyptian (returning from Russia) and Palestinian citizens.

Dima went to the Egyptian Embassy in Moscow (Swedish, Uzbekistan included) and they confirmed his visa saying that there is nothing on him that could lead to his detention!

The video will subtitled later.