Dmitry, RA0LQ/MM has started a 3 week voyage from Fiji to Panama Canal. He is aboard a merchant tanker and plans to activate rare wet grids RH, AH, AI, AJ, BJ, CJ, DJ & EJ on-route. Actual updates on Grids, QRG and mode will be posted on Dmitry’s Telegram channel.

Picture above taken today as Dmitry sets sail. Picture below is of Dmitry and all other ops who were part of the 2016 A91HI (AS-202) Hawar Island DXpedition.

Top (L-R) EI9FBB-RA0LQ-A92AA-EI5GM-MM0NDX Bottom (L-R) A41OO-A61DJ-A93LT-7Z1OO