Emil, DL8JJ informs DX-World readers:

It’s that time again and within a few days the next adventures are waiting for me: As tour guides & mountain guides of a group in Kamchatka from 05.08.2018 – 19.08.2018.

This time I have decided to try as far as the circumstances allow to be QRV. We will climb volcanoes and do great and long trekking tours. 6 nights we will spend in tents. The remaining days in cabins and Russian “hotels”. In the evening and at night I will try to be QRV from the tent and camps. Hopefully 1-2 hours per day.

Call: RA/DL8JJ
RIG: Elecraft KX2 10 Watts
Paddle: Single Pico Paddle
Electricity: 9,9Ah LiFePo4 battery
MODE: CW only
BANDS: 40M – 15M
LOG: HAM Log App on iPhone

Please consider Kamchatka Time is GMT + 12h

More information about the tour here: https://www.hauser-exkursionen.de/reise/russland-vulkane-kamtschatkas-2018

I will be very happy if I can make radio contact with you.