NEWS UPDATE Victor, UA3AKO informs the team are going ORT on April, 15 at 0030 UTC. For now they have made more than 4300 contacts and many of them are dupes. [tnx EU7A]

APRIL 7 – Victor UA3AKO reported that the expedition of “Russian Robinsons” – R71RRC has reached the island of Arakamchechen on Chukotka – the rare Bering Sea North Group (IOTA AS-071) is on air!

There was a breakage of the Caterpillar all-terrain vehicle which forced them to stop in the southern part of the island.  For repair the driver goes on a snowmobile to Providence Bay for maintenance & spare parts.

It is expected that approximately the day after tomorrow, depending on the weather situation, the expedition will head to the north of the island. The team hope that they will manage to reach the earlier planned place from which the direction to the north is the best conditions for radio communication through the North Pole with Europe and other continents is opened up.

Satellite navigation and communication in this area are unstable, therefore delays and failures in display of a track route possible – see website

APRIL 6 @ 0400z – The team has reached the island and will be QRV soon.

APRIL 5 — The expedition team of UA3AKO, RA3AV and UA0KBG arrived safely to Providence Bay and all goes according to plan. The sea ice condition is satisfactory,  air temperature near minus 15 degrees Celsius. The heavy caterpillar all-terrain vehicle and a snowmobile are prepared for transition to Arakamchechen (AS-071). The main and spare gazoline generators are checked. Now the team prepare for an early morning departure on April 6th local time (UTC+12). We will wish good weather and successful activation of the island. 73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, President of RRC.

APRIL 3 – Victor UA3AKO has reported, that together with Alexander RA3AV, they have arrived (on April 3) to the capital of Chukotka – the city of Anadyr where the third participant – Yury UA0KBG will meet up. All the team of “Russian Robinsons” will take off to Providence Bay on April 4 from where it is planned to make transition on ice to the island in Bering Sea North Groupe (IOTA AS-071).

The main objective has determined the island of Arakamchechen (RRA RR-12-02, RDA CK-06, RFF-165 – NEW ONE, RLHA – NEW ONE, WLOTA – NEW ONE), but depending on an ice situation also the reserve option – disembarkation to the island of Kynkay, which according to G3KMA is also part of the IOTA AS-071 group.

It’s possible to monitor the track of the expedition –

It is expected that R71RRC will be active on air from one of islands of the AS-071 group during the period from April 7 to April 17. Exact start dates and end of activation will depend on ice situation and weather conditions, and also on local logistics – the most difficult and expensive stage in achievement of islands.

We will accept any possible help for this expedition – for more details see the websites – and

QSL via UA3AKO (OQRS, direct, QSL bureau). AS-071 is one of the rare IOTA most wanted group (6.1%), previous activities were in 1990/1991.

73! Yuri Zaruba UA9OBA, President of Russian Robinson Club.

MARCH 17 – The R71RRC team received good news today. The sea ice is thick enough for heavy track machinery (Rover) to pass over, thus continuing on their way to the island. Activity still planned for April 7th.

MARCH 14 – R71RRC website now available.

FEBRUARY 8 – Members of the Russian Robinson Club (RRC) – namely Aleksandr Ivanov RA3AV, Yuri Savchenko UA0KBG and Victor Slabodchikov UA3AKO will be on the air from  Arakamchechen Island, Chukotka IOTA AS-071, RRA RR-12-02, RDA CК-06, RFF-165 (NEW ONE), RLHA – NEW ONE, WLOTA – NEW ONE between April 7th and 17th. The dates are tentative and depend on local logistics and weather conditions.

Team plans to be on the island at least 5- 7 days. Two operating positions will be on the air on 40, 30, 20 and 17 meters, CW and SSB. Equipment to be used: two Elecraft K3’s, FT-857 (for redundancy), 500 watts power amplifiers. The antennas are: 4 SQ for 20m, GP or 2 elements switchable for 30m, GP for 17m and GP for 40m. The electricity to be taken from two power generators (main and redundant).

QSL via UA3AKO (OQRS, direct and QSL bureau). We’re looking for technical possibility for uploading log periodically during the expedition. Possibly we will use the satellite phone for this.

Due to remote location and transportation difficulties this trip is costly. Financial support appreciated. PayPal account victor.ri0x at Please include your callsign. We would appreciate if PayPal option “send to friends and relatives” will be used.

You can watch us on the following pages: QRZ.COM and QRZ.RU :

The Bering Sea North Groupe (AS-071) is one of the rarist IOTA by rating (most wanted) at just 6.1%. The previous activation was more than 25 years ago in 1991. Stay tuned!

December 23, 2016 – An IOTA DXpedition by members of the Russian Robinson Club is on the horizon to the very rare Arakamchechen Island, AS-071. Full details to follow, but the callsign will be R71RRC. QSL via UA3AKO (OQRS, Direct, Bureau).