What a wonderful occasion it was when DXers in Italy gathered in Rome to celebrate a new Q-code, to get together for a fun evening and to work hard on a DX University paper and questionnaire relating to TX3X due for release soon. Also, Martti, OH2BH was honored to activate HV0A on both days of the weekend.


A redefined Q-code (QTX) is promoted to communicate the state of affairs clearly from both ends of the DXpedition circuit. The approach was renamed “DX CHASE: IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO”.

The new meaning of QTX:

When a DXpedition operator clearly spells out a callsign and a number, it simply means that a targeted station should stop transmitting for a specified time period, say 1 hour, and then come back with a retuned method and mind. Alternatively, a DXer can send QTX with band and time to a pilot station indicating that a specific DXpedition operator’s efficiency and throughput – the rate, that is – has reached a point where the DXpedition operator cannot handle the task at hand, so much so that it all results in a chaotic situation. The DXpedition management folks should then act accordingly to deal with this unfortunate operator.

The original definition of QTX

This is the original definition of QTX: Will you keep your station open for further communication with me until further notice (or until….hours)? I will keep my station open for further communication with you until further notice (or until….hours).

The new QTX code was released on exactly the same hour at the ARI DX summit in Rome, Italy and the RSGB Convention in the UK.