Info provided by Michael, PA7MDJ:

Finally the QSL cards for my activity as JW/PA7MDJ from Svalbard in March 2020 are ready to go out via the QSL bureau, long overdue due to the Corona pandemic. QSL cards are handwritten and will go out to all contacts made. It’s a special folded, full-colour QSL card showing on front the JW5E hut of the NRRL Svalbard Amateur Radio Club from which I was active. Only about 200 contacts were made in CW and about 70 in FT8. So if you worked me you it was quite a rare catch.

If you made a contact with JW/PA7MDJ, and if you are not a member of the bureau, or if you want your QSL card quicker, you can still QSL direct (use the postal address on my page). Please include 2 green-stamps to cover the postage costs.

Keep up the good work with the DX World website; it’s my absolute favourite source for DX news!