With thanks to Vasily, R7AA for the QSL preview and background info to his recent trip (September 24-26, 2021) to IOTA AS-201:

I did not make an announcement anywhere because I was not sure about the possibility of installing an antenna at the hotel. This was the first trip with my wife in 21 years since the beginning of my expeditions to IOTA.

My setup was next to the bed. For this reason, I was on air for 13 hours, made 760 QSOs on 100 watts and a home-brew wire antenna. All the time there was noise with a level S 3-5.

I am delighted to have these QSOs from IOTA AS-201. I thank my wife for her patience and help in installing the antenna! It was a wonderful night show because at the reception in the small hotel no one could communicate in either Russian or English. At that moment I thought, maybe in vain I brought 16 kg equipment, as a result, without conducting a single radio communication.. Apparently, there was help from above, on the way from the airport, a woman from a neighboring island was traveling with us, who wrote 2 sentences in Turkish, with the question of permission to install an antenna in the hotel. I also took QSL TA0/DF8DX, TA0/RM0F, TA0/DL7UCX with me to show at the reception. In the end everything worked out! Information about QSL-ing please look on QRZ.com.