Thanks to Ulrika SM6WYN (also T31YL, ZK3YL) for providing this info:

As you know, since my good friend Steve G4EDG passed on the information to you, my father, Nils SM6CAS went SK a couple of weeks ago. He was the QSL manager for a number of DX/IOTA-peditions, mainly to the Pacific. I’ll now take over the responsibility for this. I enclose a list of the callsigns.

  • V63CS (Yap, Ngulu and Ulithi OC-012, OC-180 and OC-078, year 1993)
  • T33KK and T33CS (Banaba OC-018, year 1994)
  • 3D2CU and 3D2CT (Conway Reef OC-112, year 1995)
  • T31T, T31K and T31YL (“Double Trouble DX-ped” Canton Isl OC-043, year 1999)
  • ZK3CW, ZK3DX and ZK3YL (“Double Trouble DX-ped” Tokelau OC-048, year 1999)
  • T32MI, T32SI, T32CI, T32VI (“Southern Line Islands DX-ped”, OC-279/280/281/282, year 2010)
  • TF4/SM6CAS (Flateoy Iceland EU-169, year 1995)

He was also the QSL manager for Mats, SM7PKK, for example 5X1Z and his Pacific tour call signs in 1988-1990. I’ll now be the QSL manager for all callsigns listed above as well as my father’s Swedish callsigns SM6CAS and SK6PJ.

QSL address:
Ulrika Persson
Stoppställe 648
SE-296 33 Åhus