e5Last year it was quite apparent that visiting DXers to Friedrichshafen (FHN) had no stand or booth to go to exchange QSL cards with each other. In other words people were walking about the arena wanting (and looking) to exchange with fellow ham ops, but did not manage to.

This year feel free to bring QSL cards and present / exchange them at the DX-World stand. This saves you sending via the buro or directly – especially if you know other operators who worked you (who have not yet received your card) will also be at FHN.

You are welcome to leave a reply here should you be interested to exchange QSLs. Alternatively, email Col MM0NDX whereby he can start an exchange list.

DX-World booth will be located at A1-143

*Note: this is not an ARRL DXCC card checking exercise. Those particular card checkers can be found elsewhere.