Pekka, OH1TV and Pekka, OH2YY were QRV at Lord Howe Island between February 22-27, 2015 using the call sign VK9LC. Now we are back home recovering from the return trip: over 36 hour in airplanes or at airports.

We had two stations including K3’s, a 2-el tribander for 14/21/28, a 2-el monobander that could be tuned either to 28 or 24 MHz, a 3-el yagi for 50MHz and dipoles for 7, 10 and 18 MHz. We managed to get the 28/24MHz yagi and 18MHz dipole high enough, but the mast for 14/21/28 yagi was too short for the spot that we felt best for the antenna. The antenna was also too close to the sheet metal roof of our building and the performance was below our expectation. The 50MHz antenna performed very well and Pekka, OH1TV logged 217 QSO’s.

Our QTH was on the north-eastern corner of the island and we belive that the location is probably the best one can find on the island, especially for Europe, North America and North-East Asia. During the week we also dedicated some time for South-America and Africa. We were reasonably happy with the SA QSO’s but Africa was a dissapointment. SSB was ment to be our main operating mode but due to high noise level on SSB bands OH1TV spent long hours on CW and SSB/CW ratio increased to 58/42.

We made 5675 QSO’s ( duplicates excluded) with 95 countries (79 on SSB and 71 on CW). By number of QSO’s JA (2107) and W (1758) were dominating followed by OH (202), VK (154), I (152), DL (138), UA Eur (122).

During our stay we didn’t have access to the net and couldn’t download our logs to Clublog, but now it’s done.

QSL cards either directly to OH2YY or SRAL QSL bureau.

The week at Lord Howe was great fun for us and we hope that you enjoyed it as well.

Pekka, OH2YY