CDXC 2015 G3RFX AwardCDXC: The UK DX Foundation has awarded the 2015 G3RFX Award to David Deane, EI9FBB for his article “PJ7PK Pelikan Key, NA-247 a new IOTA” which was published in the November 2014 CDXC Digest magazine.

The award is in memory of Martyn Phillips, G3RFX who was a long time CDXC member, served on its Committee for over a decade and edited the CDXC Digest from 2003 until becoming a SK in 2014.

The award recognises the best article published in the CDXC Digest in a 12 month period. Judging takes in to account originality and interest to, and values of, the DX and Contesting communities served by CDXC.

CDXC members share a common interest in HF DX and contesting, drawn together by their shared values of high standards of operating and DXing skills. CDXC has become one of the largest and most respected DX groups in the world and now has over 960 members of whom around 20% are outside of the UK.

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Note: You can hear an audio presentation of PJ7PK