CDXC: The UK DX Foundation makes its DX Archive publicly available.

CDXC Digest pictureCDXC: The UK DX Foundation has completed the mammoth task of digitising the club’s bi-monthly magazine, the CDXC Digest. CDXC’s long and illustrious history is recorded in the pages of each Digest and thankfully copies exist right back to the earliest days of CDXC. These searchable PDFs have now been added to the existing archive of Geoff Watts DX News Sheets on the CDXC website.

The CDXC Digests start at the first edition in 1983 and run continuously to the present, with the exception of the three most recent editions. The DX News Sheets run from the first edition in 1962 until the final edition in 1999.

CDXC is making access to this collection of CDXC Digests and DX News Sheets available free of charge to everyone so that researchers worldwide can utilise this huge source of DX and DXpeditioning data. The archive can be accessed from the CDXC website where you can also find more information on CDXC.

DX News Sheet picture