No later than November 2023 – the exact date to be confirmed by the Brazilian Navy – team consisting PY1ZV Fábio, PT2IC Stephano and PY6RT Beto will leave the Brazilian coast and head in the direction of one of the most coveted DXCC entities in the world. They will arrive Ilha de Trindade, located in the archipelago of Trindade and Martim Vaz. For info, Ilha da Trindade is the largest island of this archipelago and is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 1200km east of the city of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo.

The objective is to carry out the activation of the 16th most wanted DXCC entity, according to data from Club Log as of August 2023.

Due to the difficulty in getting to the remote island, as well as the rigorous protocols for authorization of travel there, since the place constitutes an environmental protection area with fairly restricted visits, the activation of the island is a rare event. The last DXpedition to Trindade took place in 2015 (PQ0T). From then on, the island remains devoid of activity.

Team will use the special callsign PR0T, which has already been requested from ANATEL and is in the final phase awaiting confirmation.

This time the team will have to stay on the island of Trindade for a short period of only 3 or 4 days. The expedition will operate with two stations, one SSB and one CW, both with vertical antennas, and one station on FT8, remotely operated by PY2XB Fred, PY2WAS Alex, PY4AZ Alex, PY5EG Atilano, PY5KD Luciano, PY6TS Ramon, PY7RP Renner, PY8WW Renato and PC3T Alex.

The trip and the operation on the island has received wide support from the Brazilian Navy – they will also transport colleagues and their equipment onto the ship. Once on the island, the team will stay at the facilities also maintained by Marines on the island. LABRE Nacional also has support through its board of directors and the particular efforts of President Marcone Cerqueira PY6MV.

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