Using the excellent Club Log* as a guide, but removing modes / bands option — which DXCC entity / entities do you still need?

[democracy id=”2″]

1) This poll is mostly for fun and readership integration – for example, we know some ops have P5 on CW, SSB or RTTY so your final vote(s) may differ from the assumed normal.

2) You may also add your own answer – please use this option sensibly and within ham spirit. (for example, you may still need YK – Syria).

3) KH1 – Baker likely to change position due to current activity.

4) Comments very welcome – ideally constructive ones.

5) This is a new poll format and it may go wrong  – patience if it does! 🙂

6) Demographic Voting chart displayed soon.

*(most wanted DXCC list updated June 28)