A group of three operators plan to be active from Starbuck Island OC-280 and Flint Island OC-282 next March 2014.

They have found suitable transportation which could take them from Christmas Isl to the outer islands, and then, either return to Christmas or continue to Rarotonga and disembark there.

The choice between the two options will depend upon the decision of the Ministry of Line and Phoenix Islands, since they may require that some of the local representatives join the team for the trip, like they did the last time in 2010 with the previous T32 IOTA activation.

The cost of the ship is $50,000 for a journey of about 20 days including 1-2 days activation in Starbuck and 3 days in Flint. In order to reduce costs the team are looking for two more hams who are willing to join them.

If you are interested in joining, please get in touch via DX World contact page whereby we can put you in touch with the group.