Mark N1AFG informs:

I will be on the island of St Maarten (Dutch Side ) from June 8 to June 21, operating a portable station under the callsign PJ7/ N1AFG. Schedule is not firm, and of course depends on weather, other vacation activities,  etc. Look for me near the top of the 20 M and 15 M phone bands. There is also a French side of the island, and if I get the opportunity as I did last year to operate from one of the beaches on the French side, I will be using the call FS/N1AFG.  Please note: The best way to get a QSL card is to send me one via direct mail . Return postage is appreciated, but it is not absolutely  necessary. If you have sent a QSL card to me from one of my past trips to the Caribbean and have not received one, please email me and I will rectify the situation.