[NEWS UPDATE] – Unfortuantely, Uli had to cancel his planned KH2 – Guam activity. Reason below:

I have to inform due to circumstances I must cancel my KH2-activity. I booked and paid from Germany via Airbnb a wonderful accommodation with a huge garden (space enough for 5 Triple Leg antennas). The problem – the offer was a fake! By luck, I found a new (affordable !) Airbnb – unfortunately without space for my antenna. Sorry, but I hope to meet you again with my next call V73AH !

[SEPTEMBER 13] – KH0/DL2AH comes to end soon (Sept 14th), next stop for Uli is Guam where he sign KH2/DL2AH for the next 2 weeks. Full schedule is below. 

[SEPTEMBER 6] – We now have confirmation from Uli that V73AH is going to be the callsign used in October for his Marshall islands visit. The antenna in picture is what’s currently being used at KH0/DL2AH and will again be in action throughout his Pacific tour. 

[JANUARY 13, 2023] – First mentioned in September last year, we now have dates and itinerary of Uli’s Pacific journey. He will be active as:

  • KH0/DL2AH – Rota Island during August 31 to September 14, 2023.
  • KH2/DL2AH – Guam during September 16 to 30, 2023.
  • V73AH – Marshall Islands during October 3-15, 2023. 
  • V63AH – Kosrae, OC-059 during October 18-30, 2023.

Using an IC-7300 (80-6m), SSB & FT8.  Windom antenna, TripleLeg. 

[SEPTEMBER 6, 2022] Next year will see Uli DL2AH embark on another long Pacific journey. Previously Uli has been active as VP6AH (Pitcairn), TX2AH (Mangareva/Gambier), NH0/DL2AH (Rota/Northern Mariana), V63AH (Yap/FSM), ZK3AH (Tokelau), AH8/DL2AH (Ofu Island OC-077), A35AH (Tonga), ZK2AH (Nuie), ZL7/DL2AH (Chatham Island), VK9ANH (Norfolk Island), 3D2AH (Fiji), T2AH (Tuvalu), T30KU (Kiribati), 5W0AH (Samoa) & KH8/DL2AH (American Samoa).

*Dates to be announced for 2023 adventure. 

** Uli operates SSB & FT8.