NEWS UPDATE – First mentioned in September last year, we now have dates and itinerary of Uli’s Pacific journey. He will be active as:

  • KH0/DL2AH – Rota Island during August 31 to September 14, 2023.
  • KH2/DL2AH – Guam during September 16 to 30, 2023.
  • V7 – Marshall Islands during October 3-15, 2023 (maybe V73AH – TBA) 
  • V63AH – Pohnpei during October 18-30, 2023.

Using an IC IC-7300 (80-6m), SSB & FT8.  Windom antenna, TripleLeg. 

[SEPTEMBER 6, 2022] Next year will see Uli DL2AH embark on another long Pacific journey. Previously Uli has been active as VP6AH (Pitcairn), TX2AH (Mangareva/Gambier), NH0/DL2AH (Rota/Northern Mariana), V63AH (Yap/FSM), ZK3AH (Tokelau), AH8/DL2AH (Ofu Island OC-077), A35AH (Tonga), ZK2AH (Nuie), ZL7/DL2AH (Chatham Island), VK9ANH (Norfolk Island), 3D2AH (Fiji), T2AH (Tuvalu), T30KU (Kiribati), 5W0AH (Samoa) & KH8/DL2AH (American Samoa).

*Dates to be announced for 2023 adventure. 

** Uli operates SSB & FT8.