[NEWS UPDATE] – Unfortunately, we have some really sad news to report. Ben DL6RAI has become SK after a tower gave way while he was carrying out repairs at the P49V contest station.  Jacobo, P43P writes:

Ben was working on the tower at the house in Aruba. They were busy replacing towers. At a certain moment the tower buckled and Ben, who was attached with a safety belt, was left hanging in the air. They cut the cables and brought him to the ground and performed CPR. Police and ambulance were called out but in vain. A doctor pronounced Ben SK shortly afterwards. May Ben P4/DL6RAI Rest in Peace.

[MAY 17] – Martin, DL5RMH and Ben, DL6RAI are staying in Aruba for maintenance of the P49V QTH from 13th to 29th of May, 2023. They operate in CW and FT8 during their stay and plan to participate in the WPX CW contest. Their callsign is P44X. QSL via LoTW or bureau / direct via DJ4MX.