NEWS UPDATE –  Bo, OZ1DJJ will again be active from mainland Greenland during September 15-21, 2021. Main focus on low bands using vertical antenna. [Pictures by OX3LX]

When QRV from NA-151 Tasiilaq Island.

APRIL 6, 2021 – Bo, OZ1DJJ updates that he will again be active as OX3LX from Greenland during April 8 to May 1, 2021. Bo says:

I plan to be QRV from 2-3 different locations; 2 on the west coast NA-018 (Loc: GP47TA and GP44DE) and 1 on the east coast NA-151 (Loc: HP15EO). Plan to leave on 8th of April for GP47TA and stay there for 5-7 days and then go to NA-151 HP15EO and after to GP44DE.

It is not a DXpedition so I will only be QRV when not working. Best chance is in the morning around lunch and after dinner (local time= utc-2). At the weekend also during night/morning. QSL via OZ0J.