NEWS UPDATE – Bo, OZ1DJJ will again be QRV as OX3LX from western Greenland during October 26 to November 9m 2021. Participation in the CQWW SSB contest with the OX7A crew. Bo mentions there will be a small chance to be active on 6m EME (to work TX7MB and other DXCC he needs on 6m.)

After the contest he will also go to NA-134 Aasiaat Island for a few days, then return to the OX7A crew before going home.

SEPTEMBER 10 –  Bo, OZ1DJJ will again be active from mainland Greenland during September 15-21, 2021. Main focus on low bands using vertical antenna. [Pictures by OX3LX]

When QRV from NA-151 Tasiilaq Island.

APRIL 6, 2021 – Bo, OZ1DJJ updates that he will again be active as OX3LX from Greenland during April 8 to May 1, 2021. Bo says:

I plan to be QRV from 2-3 different locations; 2 on the west coast NA-018 (Loc: GP47TA and GP44DE) and 1 on the east coast NA-151 (Loc: HP15EO). Plan to leave on 8th of April for GP47TA and stay there for 5-7 days and then go to NA-151 HP15EO and after to GP44DE.

It is not a DXpedition so I will only be QRV when not working. Best chance is in the morning around lunch and after dinner (local time= utc-2). At the weekend also during night/morning. QSL via OZ0J.