I will be in Greenland until Wednesday (August 24th). The current PCA (Polar Cap Absorption) makes frequencies below 14 MHz impossible to use. I have good antennas and my CQ calls on 30/40/60 are not detected by any RBN. The only bands usable are 20/17/15 but only occasionally. Huge QSB from S9 to zero…and the immense polar flutter. The solar storms a few days ago Created an K-index of 6 (out of 9) and remained around 3 to 4. That’s a killer up here on the polar region. Good for Aurora Borealis, bad for amateur radio. You in the southern regions might recognize that the polar routes are almost dead, but you still can work DX away from the poles. We here are very isolated. I hope bands will calm down a bit, so I can take part in the DXing for the remaining time. 

[AUGUST 17] Far travelled DXpeditioner, Rudi DK7PE is currently operating from Greenland as OX/DK7PE/P. Activity has been on 20 & 17m CW so far. QSL via H/c, buro/direct. Check out Rudi’s website showing all the places he has operated from in the past.