Following info is provided by ON5NT.


OP0LE was QRV last Saturday between 20:45 and 22:45UTC in CW on 10106 and 7007. QSL via ON7TK. Worked them on both bands. OP0LE was/is the initial licensed call sign for the Princess Elisabeth Station. The license has been extended. The call sign had never been used before so far. OP0LE will be QRV until end of February. There are 2 radio amateurs at PES: ON5TN (also OR4TN, his own call sign at PES) and ON4EN. ON5TN is the CW operator at OP0LE. I received an email from OR4TN today. He wrote: “as we have quite  a heavy workload, the best chance to work OP0LE is on 30/40m between 20:00 and 23:00 UTC.”