AUGUST 18, 2018 – On Friday evening the group gathered at the Eckerö Hotel (OH0) for OJ0C briefing and setting up the strategy for variety of the element for their week at sea in the remote Light House. For the youngsters it was very first of this kind thus sharing the game plan was important. The DX University had provided them a detailed road map to success. The group left OH0 at 06 UTC with very favorable weather and they should be QRV later today / Sunday.


AUGUST 16 – The Market Reef lighthouse is located low-to-the-sea, where waves are often rolling over the entire DXCC entity. With no jetty, landing can be hazardous, with small zodiacs often being pushed hard by the sea. Life at the lighthouse is plain and simple, with all participants sharing the daily duties.

The first week in July was an outstanding success, while the youth were managing the  remote Market outpost. With lots of experience with life at sea, they also made 4634 QSOs with 89 countries and definitely came home with another rich experience under their belt. Now the second group of Pieter, ON3DI, Florian, OE3FTA, Ilie, YO3IMD and Elias, OH2EP will try their landing on the early morning of Saturday, August 18th.

The weather is expected to be a challenge again, with a weather window from 9AM to 12 noon. The wind is expected to be up to 9m/s, which is very near the limit of 10m/s. All this requires a zodiac landing at its best. You can follow the WX at following link:

The Finnish Lighthouse Society (FLS) and Amateur Radio League of Finland (SRAL) in conjunction with OH-DX-Foundation (OHDXF) and the DX University (DXU) are organizing the — INTERNATIONAL YOUTH AT SEA (IYAS) – cultural exchange-based radio activity. The event is supported by the organizers as well as the YASME Foundation Inc.

These young operators will be participating in daily hands-on workshops of safety and survival at sea at the remote lighthouse. In addition, they will become familiar with how to operate the radio efficiently. Their first welcome workshop will be in Aland Islands (OH0) by Martti, OH2BH, Henri, OH3JR, Keijo, OH2BOZ and Pasi, OH3WS prior their departure.