You may catch Martti, OH2BH operating his CU2KG station while doing station maintenance at their second home island of San Miguel. Leena, OH2BE and Martti have put their Azores home for sale, and interested parties can contact Martti at his address. Azores is claimed to be the best radio QTH in Europe.

Then, Martti will move from the Azores to the Aland Islands, OH0B, and put the station on for the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SSB) for the weekend of October 14 thru 15. This may be a multi-op effort with OH2MM and others.

From the Alands, they move to Sri Lanka, 4S7BHG, for low-band activity from October 25th thru Nov. 01 which will include passing out the rare 4S7 multiplier in the CQWW SSB Contest. In November the CQWW CW contest would put them either in Kosovo, Z68BH or into the coastal city of Durres, Albania, ZA.

QSL all operations via OH2BH