From the Desk of Santa Claus, OF9X
Arctic Circle, Finland.


Santa broadcasting arm, Santa Radio, OF9X will be active again, starting this Friday (Dec 16), at 16.00 UTC on all amateur radio bands and all modes; CW, SSB and Digital, and be active till the year end 2022, 21.59 UTC.

The genuine Santa from northern Finland, next to the North Pole, is about to start his journey to delight the world children of all ages in all parts of our world. Christmas 2022 is different from the past as Santa is to navigate around the troubled part of Europe and get on his way by-passing the partly closed air space.

Regardless of our turbulent world, the innocent children in their hope for world peace and saving their planet are in the center of Santa’s mission every year. For this troubled year Santa has established a special theme to focus the region that will be suffering in this Christmas most. Santa’s puzzle is dedicated to those suffering children.

SANTA PUZZLE – Three (3) plus Four (4) letters xxAxA xxxAIxI

In this puzzle the letters I and A are presented multiple times while the other seven (7) single letters are released as part of the report received from OF9X, such as 599RA. First letter is from the operator name and the second is one of the seven different puzzle letters.

Santa Radio, OF9X is activated by the Radio Club of Pusula, OH9W, plus their associates and Northern Radio Arcala, OH8X.

The operator roster includes many familiar call signs; Rami OH2BCI (R), Martti OH2BH (M), Era OH2CV (E), Arttu OH2FB (U), Arto OH2KW (O), Juha OH2LQ (J), Pekka OH2TA (P), Anne OH2YL (A), Pauli OH5BQ (L), Timo OH5LLR (T), Alex UT5UY (X) and others.

The additional questions and the completed puzzle should be sent to – the top-10 will be presented and awarded on OF9X by Jan.01,2023..

Merry Christmas
Santa, OF9X, Old Father Nine Xmas.