Recently announced as “DXpeditioner of the Year” at the Dayton Hamfest – and previously active from Transnistria as T10VB – Vladimir Bykov, UA4WHX, is currently QRV as “O19VB” from the Republic of Khussar Iryston (South Ossetia) which is a disputed region and partially recognised state in the South Caucasus. This activity does not count for DXCC. He is there for a few more days.


Note I – DX-World has an impartial view on UA4WHX’s activities from disputed states. However, such is the well known figure and DXpeditioner we all recognise that Vlad is, in the interest of DXing we publish this new info and subsequent activity. Comments are open and we invite “O19VB” to read them, responding if possible.

Note II – In July 2013, UA4WHX was guest author on DX-World with the publication of “DXCC Expansion