NEWS UPDATE III – By Cezar, VE3LYC, Deputy General Manager and Operations Manager (IOTA) 

Please don’t read more into the announcement made by the IOTA Team than is written there. This is because speculation outside of that message may lead you to wrong conclusions. Our decision applies only to contacts submitted for credit to the IOTA Programme and is based on its rules. It does not have any bearing on acceptance of contacts for DXCC, any other award programme or for any contests in the Contest Calendar. If you are not a participant in IOTA, it will not affect you.

I would like to re-iterate that contacts in FT8 and a series of other digital modes continue to be accepted toward IOTA credits, providing that they comply with rule C.3.10 (see online Directory, IOTA Programme Rules).

Quite a few of you asked about the above rule. The IOTA Team is aware that technology is now available to allow an operator to manage multiple streams of digital data which helps him to make contacts simultaneously on multiple bands. This raises a number of questions for award management teams. One of these is for how long can a solo operator do this continuously without leaving the equipment making contacts? What is the length of time that someone can operate nonstop in this way, without taking even a tiny bit of a break for sleep? Is it 48 hours, 60 hours, 72 hours, 84 hours, 96 hours, or more? Rule C.3.10 needs to be read with this in mind.

NEWS UPDATE II – And now an “open letter” by 3Z9DX:

About a week ago I was contacted by an IOTA board member. I was asked to join the 3D2CR expedition to their program. (Not the other way around as their statement indicated). I never had the intention to join this program before. I agreed to send the information to IOTA board.
After a few days, I received a reply that my activation would not be accepted due to too long ”LAPTOPS” and RADIOS working time and short rest intervals – same as official IOTA NEWS information about ”breaking the rules”

Way of the statement from IOTA board is very wrong. I never broke any IOTA rules as I’m not an IOTA member, chaser or anything related too. Again, this is them who asked me to add 3D2CR to their program not me begging for any approval.

I totally don’t care about IOTA board decision but I do not accept way of providing the news, showing me as a RULE BREAKER pointing to automatic “QSOs machine”. I told them if they can’t do something not necessarily means same for others.

Last email from IOTA Board quotes : ”If we are wrong, we are willing to accept the blame from island chasers for not accepting your operation from OC-112 for credit..”

Yes they are wrong and it’s up to you if you gonna blame them. I wanted to remind you that I operated the same way from 3D2CR in 2019 and was fully OK for them.

Dear IOTA chasers, my personal opinion. World is going forward..IOTA rules are still the same as in 1964 when they made this program alive. It is up to you what you want to do about that and up to you to ask them why they ban latest technology which simply makes more IOTA members happy with large QSO numbers.

NEWS UPDATE I – In the spirit of the hobby we publish a reply by 3Z9DX to the earlier info below:

Dear IOTA board members. According to your IOTA NEWS 3D2CR did not operate any robots as per email conversation between us. This is you who asked me to add my 3D2CR activity to IOTA program. Not me. If you can’t handle your rules according the latest technology you either change the rules or change the board members. Just to remind you 3D2CR operated the same way in 2019 and was fully ok. But now is not ok? Don’t worry, next year I will operate 8 radios FOX & Hund from Conway at the same time. BTW…maybe someone from the board will check what is F&H and how it works? You are able to do 30 to 40 QSOs easy in a minute using 4 or 5 radios at the same time. Your statement is ridiculous and makes me smile even more how you don’t understand latest multi-stream technology using FT8/FT4 modes. Please remove also my 2019 logs from IOTA program as they were made same way as now using just 2 and 3 radios at the same time.

[SOURCE] IOTA Management regrets that it will not be able to accept for IOTA credit contacts made with the 3D2CR operation from Conway Reef between 18 and 25 September 2021. Dominik (3Z9DX) has not been able to show that his FT4/FT8 activity complied with IOTA rule B.3.10 on which clarification was given in a Management News Item on 10 September. At Dominik’s request credit will also not be given for a small number of contacts made on SSB.

Management wishes to draw IOTA DXpeditioners’ attention to its policy of only accepting for IOTA credit contacts that result from contemporaneous direct initiation by the operators on both sides of the contact. Automated contacts, i.e. contacts not initiated and completed personally by both operators at the time of QSO are not acceptable in a programme founded on an ethos of recognising personal operating performance and skill.