NEWS UPDATE – Last active in May 2021, Tom NL7RR has been QRV on/off from Wake Island since mid-February’ 23. Mentioned below, he is a contractor working on the island and is active when time permits. Activity on 40-20-10m SSB. QSL via AL7JX, LoTW. 

NOVEMBER 2, 2020 – Tom, NL7RR is a contractor working on Wake island. His KH9/NL7RR operation is time permitting, but does hope to operate (daily) between 06:00 – 08:00 UTC on 20 or 40 SSB. At this time, he is travelling to Hawaii for a week-long rest then returning to Wake.

Glenn, AL7JX got in touch to say that he and Tom, NL7WK are assisting Tom with LoTW uploads and QSL duties, both of which should be available soon; cards are being worked on and printed.