[NEWS UPDATE] – Shortly after 0130z today, E6CI (12m FT8) & E6AF (10m FT8) started activity from Niue. Here’s some pictures courtesy of the ops:



E6CI antenna

[MARCH 25] – Ops arrived to Niue on Saturday afternoon UTC (Friday afternoon local time). Licensing office is closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So Monday morning they will pay a visit to their and hope to receive licences then.

[PREVIOUSLY] During March 26 to April 9, look for Janusz SP9FIH & Leszek SP6CIK to be active from Niue. Previously, E6AF was active in 2019 by SP9FIH. SP6CIK has requested a callsign of which he will know soon (possibly E6CI). Check back here for more details.