Info provided by Don, N1DG

UPDATE: This document (below) has a comment period that ends in 5 days (Jan 20th). Lend your support if you have already not done so. 

On Dec 21, 2021, the Federal Register published a request from NOAA and the USFWS for comments and input regarding an upcoming new Monument Management Plan for the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. The Monument encompasses approximately 495,189 square miles (1,282,534 square kilometers) in the central Pacific Ocean. It includes seven islands and atolls: Baker, Howland, and Jarvis Island; Johnston, Wake, and Palmyra Atoll; and Kingman Reef.  You can read the document and instructions for submitting comments here

Note: Since 2019, Don Greenbaum, N1DG, has been the appointed Citizen at Large representative on the NOAA/USFWS Community Group providing input on drafting the new management plan for the PRIMNM. This notice is the result of 2 years of drafting that plan with input from NOAA, USFWS and the Community Group participants. More information on that group can be found here