If you had told us after our very successful DXpedition to Desecheo Island (K5D) that five years would pass and we would not have operated from Navassa Island, we would not have believed you. The excitement on our part and on the part our partners in the US Fish and Wildlife Service was high and they were as optimistic as we. That was the spring of 2009.

But time has passed, people have been transferred, retired or otherwise moved on and we found ourselves without allies. Today, we have begun establishing new relationships that we hope will lead to not only an amateur radio operation from Navassa, but a partnership with the Service assisting them in the wildlife restoration work that needs to begin on Navassa.

We have had two meetings this spring and in both cases we were treated with a high level of interest and respect. Our hosts at USFWS have been most attentive and cordial. Our proposals have been logical and well- thought-out and mutually beneficial to USFWS and the worldwide community of DXers. They are considering those proposals now and we are optimistic.

This is not the time to become discouraged or angry. It is a time to be careful and cautious. For those of you who have volunteered to contact their representatives in Congress or otherwise “stir the pot”, pleasedo not do so at this time. It would not be appropriate or helpful right now.

Thanks for your patience; we promise to keep you informed.


Bob Allphin, K4UEE

Glenn Johnson,WØGJ
Vice President

Mike Thomas, NA5U

Jim Bass, K4KQI