An amazing and thrill seeking 8 week Amateur Radio DX-Pedition to the Antarctic region during Jan. 9 through Feb. 23, 2016. This Amateur Radio DX-pedition to Southern Thule – S. Sandwich Islands (VP8STI) and S. Georgia Islands (VP8SGI) DX-Pedition was Co-Lead by Paul Ewing, N6PSE and David R Collingham, K3LP and included 11 other additional very experience amateur radio operators. We hired the services of Nigel Jolly and his ship “The Braveheart” with crew to support us on this amazing journey. We also had an off island cast of support personnel that are all defined in the movie.

Antarctica is Earth’s southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole. It is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere.

The South Sandwich Islands are a cold and inhospitable place. At 59 degrees south, Southern Thule Island is one of the most remote places on Earth. The IOTA numbers are as follows: South Sandwich VP8STI (AN-009) & South Georgia VP8SGI (AN-007).

DXCC Most wanted; #3 South Sandwich VP8STI (AN-009 and # 8 South Georgia VP8SGI (AN-007).

Southern Thule, S. Sandwich Islands is closer to the polar circle and the South Pole than either Bouvet Island or Heard Island. To get there, we will voyage the Drake Passage and brave strong winds and high seas.

Team Members:
Paul Ewing (N6PSE; Co-Leader
David R. Collingham (K3LP; Co-Leader)
David Jorgensen (WD5COV)
Ned Sterns (AA7A)
Dmitri Zhikharev (RA9USU)
Axel Schernikau (DL6KVA)
Jun Tanaka (JH3RHF)
Mike Mc Girr (K9AJ)
Ariss Thompson (W7XU)
Jay Slough (K4ZLE)
David Assaf III (W5XU)
David Ritchie (W6DR)