The Voodoo Contest Group has taken part in CQ World-Wide CW Contest from West Africa each November for the past 19 years, operating in ten different countries. We have won the Multi-Operator contest six times. Thirty different operators have participated over the years, travelling from UK and USA.

In 2004 we published a book: “Contesting in Africa: Multi-Multi on the Equator” describing the first ten years. It is now time to update the story. The timing of this is important because we have now come to the End of an Era, so to speak: we will no longer return to West Africa to take our large stock-pile of equipment out of storage for the 20th time. It has been donated to the Liberian Amateur Radio Association.

The modern form of ‘book’ is a web-site – so we have developed one. The group offers a huge vote of thanks to John Warburton G4IRN for investing so much skill, time and energy into this project. The site comprises offerings from many of the Contest group and tells, hopefully in detail but also in an entertaining way, the story of these past 19 years. All the facts and figures are there but more importantly also the experiences: those long bus-journeys between countries and the fascinating sights along the way, visiting African villages, and every amateur radio aspect from managing pile-ups, to maintaining deteriorating amplifiers, to negotiating transmitting licences and much, much more, embellished with many video clips. The group has certainly learned a lot about life in West Africa and thoroughly enjoyed every minute, every challenge.

Visit to join us on those amazing journeys, laugh with us, take part in our celebration of two decades, almost two sunspot cycles, of Contest DXpeditioning.

Enquiries: Roger Western G3SXW [email protected]; John Warburton G4IRN: [email protected]