A very warm welcome to new Premium Advertiser – Greyline Performance Antennas. Free standing, No Radials needed, HF Vertical Antennas for 160-6M. Can easily fit in your garden. X(YL) + HOA’s approve too! Check out who they are and what they do here – impressive !

For the first time – of any advertiser on DX-World stretching back 7 years – Greyline has introduced a special discount coupon for readers. $50 off any purchased antenna (for the month of July). Simply add “DXW” code at the checkout.

Furthermore, it’s important to know that Greyline is currently paying up to $75 of worldwide shipping costs, ie: $22 to VE, $50-70 to EU, $75 to DX. Another great saving!

“We aim to offer a smarter, stronger, more elegant option to the market,” says Jon, KL2A at Greyline.