Dear DXer:

While 2021 didn’t bring DXPeditions to rare entities, several are planned for 2022.

NCDXF has funded 3Y0J, led by Ken Opskar, LA7GIA.  After the Braveheart became unavailable, Ken picked up the team, found a new boat, and a new grant.  We all wish Ken and team the best success for this #2 most wanted in November 2022.   This should give many an early Christmas present next year!

NCDXF also funded Crozet (FT5/W), of the team F6CUK, and F6EXV.  Thierry will sail to Crozet on a TAAF supply vessel, staying for 3 months.  Thierry’s only responsibility while there is Amateur radio operation. #3 on the most wanted.

We continued with support and infrastructure projects: IARU Beacon project, and RiBs.  We’ve also provided finance and support for the  Youth On The Air  (YOTA) program,  Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure (YDXA), WRTC 2023, and  Contest University. CY0C (Sable Island) funded in 2020, is now scheduled for 2022.

The RiB (Radio in a Box) project, featured in January 2022 QST, NCDXF newsletter, and the CDXF newsletter, has been operated successfully during contests at C6AGU.  This program will improve access to rare DX entities, by reducing the on island footprint and impact.  We see this program as changing the way some rare DX islands will be activated.

NCDXF is approaching our 50th year of granting and helping DXpeditions to rarer entities, supporting the community, and building new infrastructure. Over $1 million USD has gone to these activities. You can be part of that support.

Cycle 25 is upon us.  We’ve all seen activity on 17m and 15m. Conversations are happening every week by DXpedition teams anxious to travel, again.  Please consider a contribution to NCDXF when you plan your year-end giving.  Contributions can easily be made on-line via a credit card or PayPal, using our secure web server:

NCDXF is a 501(c)(3) entity.  For U.S. amateurs, contributions are likely to be tax-deductible.

If you prefer to mail a check, our address is:  NCDXF; PO Box 2012; Cupertino, CA 95015-2012

Also, please consider NCDXF for your IRA RMD designation and your estate planning.  We, and the DX community at large, will be most grateful for your contribution.

Have a very joyous holiday season and thanks for your continued support!

Kevin K6TD

President, NCDXF
email: [email protected]