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Articles included in this issue are:

  • The NCDXF DXCC Rock Collection by Glenn Johnson, W0GJ
  • From the President’s desk by Kevin Rowett, K6TD
  • TX5N DXpedition to the Austral Islands by Gene Spinelli, K5GS
  • K9CT elected to the CQ Magazine Contest Hall of Fame
  • 3Y0J says ‘Thank You’ 
  • International DX Convention 2023 Announcement
  • NCDXF Director Profile:  Vince Chinn, W6EE
  • NCDXF Founders 
  • Cycle 25 Fund & Cycle 25 Society
  • It’s Easy to be a Cycle 25 Supporter by Ross Forbes, K6GJF
  • DXpedition Lending Library
  • NCDXF Contribution & Order Form

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