By Simon HS0ZIB in Yangon

I’m pulling my hair out with frustration over here in my efforts to get an XZ licence. Unfortunately, I seem to have got nowhere after 18 months of effort. I’ve virtually run out of ideas… I’ve tried all manner of approaches to the government, but only ever received a single, non-commital email response.

One problem is that it might not be the right time. The Telecoms Minister is new in the job and has his hands full with the new mobile telecoms licences. Ethnic fighting is occurring daily on both west and east borders, with other clashes concerning a copper mine close to Mandalay. A monk was killed in Yangon yesterday and riots started in town…

So there are a few good reasons why they’re not listening to me.

The teaching job itself that brought me to Myanmar is going very well, (I’ve been promoted to vice-principal). But after 18 months, I’m missing my ham radio hobby!

Unless there is a miraculous turnaround re the XZ licence, I’ll probably leave Myanmar in a few months to teach elsewhere, either to return to my home in Phuket, or to move onto Laos or Cambodia, where I can easily get a ham licence.