Simon, HS0ZIB informs:

Just a heads up on my situation. I’ve been living and working in Myanmar on and off since 2012. I previously applied for a permanent ham licence in 2012/2013, but this was not possible at that time because the government Regulator was busy writing the telecoms laws for the new mobile phone networks.

Since last year, I have been working again in Myanmar, first in the northern town of Mandalay, and now – more long-term, in the administrative capital of Naypyidaw.

I’ve been in contact with the licencing authorities again and hope to soon be issued with a permanent XZ licence, which I think will be the first licence issued since the 1960’s, other than for DXpeditions.

Living and working (teaching at an international school) in Naypyidaw is quite a pleasant experience, since this modern city is laid out over a wide footprint, more than 4 times that of New York City! So there are plenty of green spaces, large lakes with cycle paths etc.

The downside is that there are very few foreigners living here, only some who work for NGOs or the mobile phone companies. Shopping facilities are very limited and I often have to source everyday essentials from Bangkok.

Anyway, I’ll update if and when the licence is issued.