Following info from Simon, XZ2A:

“I operated as XZ2A from Myanmar (Burma) last year, restricted to 20 MHz and above. I left Myanmar towards the end of last year because I now teach ‘online’ and the Myanmar internet gateway is a bit of a bottleneck..

My apologies to those who have yet to receive my QSL card. I’m sitting on the last bunch of about 100 completed cards already in envelopes and ready to send out. The problem is that the Thai post office has to process every single envelope by hand, manually typing in the address details etc. The last time that I sent out a bunch of cards, the local post office got angry with me and it took over 1 hour.

Next time round, I will definitely use an overseas QSL manager.

As far as Myanmar is concerned, I know that XZ2B and XZ2C both have operating permits. Be aware that according to the law in Myanmar, each permit is issued for a maximum of 5 months and can only be renewed once for the same time period. So 10 months of operation about 20 MHz and at 25 watts output power is all that can be expected.

Anyway, I mentioned Laos in this thread title. From the middle of next month I’ll be based in the town of Luang Prabang, in north Laos. I used to live in LP around 2013 when I was the headmaster at the local school.

This time round, I’m just teaching online (now Laos has very fast and reliable internet). I hope not to move again.

I just got back from a meeting with the Lao licencing authorities and should pick up my XW licence in a week or so. Initially, I will only operate on 20 metres, primarily using FT8 and SSTV.”