For those who followed the Arctic coastal expedition by Vlad UA4WHX, he recently got in touch with the following info:

This navigation was #40 for MSV Mikhail Somov. It spends most of its voyages going to Antarctica.

There are two real movies that will soon come out in Russia but can be seen anywhere when available: one is full time movie with actors and decorations telling the story of the Icebreaker back in 1985 when it was stuck for 133 days in the waters of Antarctica and it took another icebreaker to free it from the ice trap. More can be seen here (in Russian). The movie should be released in October 2016 and will have the name “Ledokol”(“Icebreaker” in Russian). Another one is a long documentary that was filmed on Mikhail Somov in the 60 days at the time when RI0POL was on the air. It will be called “Mikhail Somov. Legend of Arctics”.

I have brought 6 old Golden-Star-Hammmer-and-Sickle buttons that I found at an abandoned military site on Wrangel Island (RI0KV). These buttons used to belong to old Soviet military uniforms and were probably left there 30 or 40 years ago. I will auction them on E-bay (link here) in case some may be interested. Attached is a couple of photos of them.

RI0KV Button 1RI0KV Button