Reference the notice posted here on 25 June 2013, we have noted the subsequent posting on the H44IOTA website to the effect that a validation of OC-168 “may not be possible due to computer hardware failure and human error.”This is indeed the case as we understand that with the non-availability of the logs for the land-based part of this operation, QSOs cannot of course be confirmed for IOTA. Should the missing logs become available, we will reconsider the position.

In the meantime we can confirm that we have accepted documentation showing land-based operations from OC-149, OC-047 and OC-158 and credits will be given for valid cards submitted.

As a reminder, operations by yachtsmen with on-board amateur radio stations present IOTA Management with particular challenges with regard to rule compliance and they are routinely asked to provide validation in accordance with the detailed requirements outlined in Section F of the IOTA Directory Rules. In the case of the recent H44IND operation and forthcoming H40IOTA, it is suggested that until acceptable validation is reported as having been received, the sending of QSLs be delayed.