• Message from Frederik Dudal, ON8ZL

We will activate Jersey EU-013 as MJ/OT9Z from August 2-9, 2013. Our QTH will be the JARS Headquarter. We will be active on all HF bands including 6m. The modes will be SSB / CW / PSK / RTTY.

Our team consists of:

ON8ZL – Team Leader (Frederik) Specialized in SSB and CW. Also responsible for the 6m band.
ON8ZZ – Digi modes PSK, RTTY (Peter)
ON5NQ – (Frank) Only in SSB.

We will try to be active with 2 stations permanent (Not at night but late in the evening).

QSL manager is ON8ZL.

You can find all the QSL Policy on our website.