NEWS UPDATE — Dear DX-World. We are very happy to inform you that ARA position towards OPGI is up to date now (no more debt, see document below). ARA members will never forget your precious help. Many thanks to all of you, to you Col MM0NDX, to Vlad UA4WHX, to DX-World and to all who accepted to help us. 73 de Afif Ben Lagha, 7X2RO – ARA President.

JANUARY 25, 2017 — With 100% of the target now raised, a word of thanks from the following.

  • Afif Ben Lagha, 7X2RO – ARA President

First of all, I would like to thank Vladimir Bykov UA4WHX for his precious initiative and his wife Irina RA4HWX. Thanks also to Col MM0NDX of DX World who allowed us to spread the situation of our society ARA through his website. Thanks to all those who accepted to help us. That means that ARA still preserves an invaluable place. Many thanks to all those from different countries who accepted to help us. Thanks for their spontaneous and positive reactions.Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Bodo DF8DX

I want to thank you for setting up the support post for the guys from ARA in Algeria.

I have been in 7X in 2015 and the safety policies from my company were very strict. I was living and working at a radio station near Algier. I was in touch with the members of ARA to see if we can arrange a meeting. The security at radio station was very careful and questioned a lot: where am I going, when do I come back, whom am I with (they took copies of their passports, car registration) …and so on. Afif (ARA Presient) was very kind and we had some nice talks. I got a tour thru Algier and I can say that I would have not seen anything of the country if I wasn’t in touch with ARA. They could have applied for my own license but my visit was short notice. Anyway, I operated a bit at 7X2ARA.

The members there are serious with their activities… from IOTAs, lighthouses and so on. They educate new members, make training and give lectures. If ARA goes down, I am sure that a lot of activities from 7X will not happen anymore the way they are. It might “just” start with the good working QSL bureau.

I hope that some more donations will come in order to help ARA. I wish them all the best.