Last Monday we decided to run a survey about Leaderboards. While we understand a great number of people do not care about Leaderboards, equally, a large number of people do. With that in mind we posed the question: “Are you agreeable to Leaderboards being used in DXpeditions?”

It just so happened we had two recent major DXpeditions – one decided to use the Leaderboard while the other did not. Seemed like a good time to ask DXers the above question.

Today, we can reveal that over 2150 votes from nearly 80 countries took part in the survey and an overwhelming majority are against Leaderboards being used during DXpeditions. However, this does not paint the full picture because some countries, particularly within certain age groups, are in favour of Leaderboards. For example, we found the general trend shows over 55’s are in favour of LB’s whilst the younger generation are more likely to be against. Proof provided on request.


We do not intend to list every single country’s result, however below are snapshots from some of them.


*Comments are open and your feedback is welcome. If you want to know what a specific graph looks like leave a reply and we’ll show you. Different geographical age groups do show surprising results! You can also email us at dxworldnews@gmail if you want to see any graph.