Simon, XW0LP updates from Laos and some news on pending activity from Myanmar:

XW0LP is all running OK on 20m FT8, (and occasionally FT4). I’m using an EFHW vertical, due to garden area restrictions… But it’s hitting NA west coast in my local mornings, and SA in the small hours. I will try to improve on the antennas, maybe also add 10 metres… (low band antennas are really impossible).

But also, I see (don’t see) any spots anymore for XZ2B and XZ2C (I never saw any for XZ2C, but did see many for CW from XZ2B on 15m). I guess that their 150 day temporary permit has expired….

Anyway, next February 2020, during the Chinese New Year when my online teaching classes are quiet, I will try to see if I can operate for 1 week from Naypyitaw, on 15m again (because nothing lower in frequency is allowed), and using FT4 (because this is a little faster than FT8 and the operating frequency is not swamped with stations). I plan to operate from the Mount Pleasant hotel, that’s the hotel on the hill overlooking Naypyitaw.

No idea if I will get permission for this, but I’ve sent an email request to the government office”.