Kingman Reef Photo Analysis (2000 vs 2013)



Thanks to Garry, NI6T – who provided me these photos, we can now compare the “Northend” from October 2000 (above), with:


“Northend” October 2013 – Low Tide

Now, lets look at the section that was wider. Here is what it looked like in 2000:


And what it looks like today – Low Tide:


There has been some erosion for sure, and heaven only knows what will happen in the future. If I had to draw any conclusion from this study – I would say that during low tide – you could set up and make QSO’s. But during high tide – I sure would want to have an evacuation plan.

Its obvious that there wasn’t much there, “there” back in 2000, and now – there is less there.

If someone were to go there with a small-ish operation, and where the plan included an evacuation plan – maybe this is do-able. Some have suggested that this would be the “last one ever”, but that is just too hard to say. While I do believe that polar ice caps are melting and that the seas are rising, I guess looking at these photographs, I’m a bit surprised that there is more there than I expected.

On a technical note – look at the first photo – the vertical array is a classic “Team Vertical” design with a half wave vertical dipole and a reflector. Since then, Tom, N6BT has gotten rid of the one “inconvenient” aspect of that array – which is that the vertical dipole needed the feed to come out at 90 degrees away from the driver – which was IMPOSSIBLE on K5K. Now – Tom offers variations on this theme – with his “Bravo” series, but even more interesting, his Evolution Vertical series (EV):

With the decreased space, IMHO, the “EV” series really starts looking like what I would consider if I were to go there. Phased Bravo’s are also an idea . . . . guess it sounds like I’d like to go there – heh heh . . .

But when I see these photographs, it really makes me wonder:

High Tide


Both of these photo’s were taken in late 2013 at High Tide . . .

Good Day

As long as SAFETY was the hallmark of any application for an SUP for KH5/K, hey – maybe it could be done?

I do know if you offered to do a survey of the reef – meaning you would offer some valuable work for the US F&W, maybe a “cooperative” operation could be carried out. Have a diver go and take pictures, and have people measuring the reef and also taking time lapse photos of the high and low tides, and this could be very valuable for hams and the US F&W.

I do know that the US F&W would LOVE to have someone survey under water and see if the cleanup that was done one year ago – has resulted in the “black reef” coming back to life. I would bet it has – and that could then offer the US F&W some real “gold” and a green light for an expedition. Kingman Reef – under water is one of the worlds most pristine reefs, and a beautiful maritime treasure, worthy of our utmost respect.

Here is why I would rather have it activated than Deleted: