NEWS UPDATE – Fred, KL7FBI has been on the air during each of the days of this last week, checking the propagation numerous times between approximately 2 and 6 UTC. Unfortunately, the propagation gods haven’t been good to him and the IOTA chasers, and he was only able to contact one JA stations during several days. He will continue this routine over the next three days. He will pack his equipment on Tue after 6 UTC, which corresponds to his Mon 9pm local time (tnx VE3LYC)

JUNE 8, 2021 – I have been in contact with Fred, KL7FBI, and with his permission I would like to provide the following update.

Fred arrived on Shemya on May 14, and so far had a very busy work schedule. There is no cell phone coverage on the island, and he only has access to email communication at work. He installed an Inverted V and during the last week operated with 100W, always on 14,260 kHz, for very short periods of time after work, testing the propagation. Nevertheless, he is scheduled to leave the island on July 10 and during the remaining period of time will try to be more active.

Please note that he leaves work daily at 3 UTC, not only during the weekdays, but often during the weekend as well. As such, he intends to show up on 14,260 kHz (he operates only SSB) after 4 UTC, calling CQ IOTA. Note that I copied him on the East Coast of NA at 5 UTC with S3 (SFI=76, K=1), well above the noise, using a 3-el beam at 20 m above the ground. If a pile-up forms, he will announce that will operate split. In case that he doesn’t need to go to work during the weekend, he will try to show up at different times, but always on the above QRG.

I wish all those who need NA-037 good luck!

Cezar, VE3LYC