Fred, KB4DMQ announces he will soon be active as KL7FBI from Shemya Island, NA-037. Dates not given. QRV on HF bands. QSL via AA0NN. Full info below from

KL7FBI is the callsign for an Amateur Radio Club that used to be active at Shemya Air Force Base, Alaska. Shemya Air Force Base was renamed Eareckson Air Force Station in the early 90’s. Shemya is the second island from the end of the Aleutian chain, 40 miles from Attu Island and about 1500 miles SW of Anchorage. It is a small place, only 2×4 miles in size. When I found out that I was going to Shemya island I of course told my friends, who advised me to look up the club trustee.

The previous trustee was a contractor who worked for Rayethon Corporation, and had left the island due to an injury and was back on the east coast. When contacted he was happy to transfer KL7FBI over to me. I was on Shemya Island for about 14 months until the base’s deactivation in April, 1995, and quite active on HF on several modes while there. A couple of us even had a 146.94 repeater! It was better than the Air Force-owned VHF repeaters on the island, with the best coverage. Location is everything, hi!

There’s a skeleton crew of contractors on the island now, but no active hams at this time. Occasionally someone from Anchorage, manages to get out there and borrows the callsign to make a few contacts, so if you get an opportunity to work IOTA NA-37 (Shemya) do it. It’s becoming rare DX! Looking forward to the day when I can return and make a few contacts myself from out there. If anyone is going out to the island for employment, contact me and I’ll be happy to transfer the license over to you. If not, I’ll just continue to ensure it’s renewed and preserved.