UPDATE – Fred has recently been on the air on 20 and 40m. His antenna has been through two major storms, with gusts of over 70mph or more than 110 km/h, and several storms with gusts of up to 60mph. He suspects that the current storm broke a wire inside his homemade balun, and as such he won’t be continuing to transmit until he can take the antenna down, check it out and fix the electrical problem that he is experiencing. In view of the above, don’t look for him on the bands over the coming days, but he will be back! [tnx VE3LYC]

SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 –  (Fred (KB4DMQ), who recently operated from Shemya Island, NA-037 informs us that he was called back there on an emergency fill following the passing of one of their technicians. As such, Fred will travel to Shemya on September 8, expecting to remain there for two full months. He intends to operate again as KL7FBI, this time on 20 and 40m SSB. (thanks VE3LYC)