Following on from previous articles [1],[2] regarding Kingman Reef v DXCC status, Rich KY6R got in touch with a latest update after making enquiries with the The US Fish and Wildlife project manager for the reef.

I just spoke to Amanda Pollock – who is the project manager for Kingman Reef – and who works with Susan White. I wanted a very clear answer regarding any possibility that Kingman Reef could ever be activated again – following this recent report (see page 5):

I said “From the recent survey and report regarding the cleanup on Kingman Reef, it seems that there will be no access granted for a ham radio operation”.

Amanda said “That’s absolutely right. The US Fish and Wildlife will no longer grant access to amateur radio operators as there is not much left of it above water and it would be too dangerous”. She urged me to have it delisted from the DXCC list. In fact, she offered for anyone who wanted to confirm this directly to call her.

Rich goes on to say that he personally (highly) recommends that the DXCC Desk delete Kingman Reef from the DXCC list.